1st Annual Memorial Weekend Meditation Retreat May 25 & 26, 2019

“Discovering the Conscious Self”

The two-day meditation retreat, is designed to give busy people an opportunity to unplug, unwind, and tune in to the peace and joy that lies within. The program will include diverse philosophical perspectives and practical and immediately applicable techniques to deepen practice and enable direct experience. 

The philosophical content will be drawn from Vedanta, Kashmir Shaivism, and Quantum Physics. It will be led by Marc Ketchel, meditation teacher and former monk, with special guest Devayani, from Shanti Mandir. 

The program will also include light yoga asanas that enable sitting meditation, walking meditations, and two extended sitting meditations each day. The program and location is designed to facilitate a deep meditation experience. 

The program begins at 10:00 am each day and concludes at 5pm. It includes a delicious, vegan lunch designed to facilitate a deep meditation experience. 

The fee for the weekend is $250/person which includes lunch on both days. There is limited space available for a small number of participants to stay overnight in dorm accommodations in the main building for no additional charge. They will go on a first come first served basis, so early registration is highly recommended. 

The full schedule will be emailed to you prior to the event, with directions to the facility and check in instructions. 

We look forward to sharing this special time with you. 

The Retreat location near Alachua, is a historic Victorian farmhouse built in 1865 and is on the National Register for Historic Places. Located on 20 acres, it is embedded in an oak forest dating back to when the house was built just after the Civil War. It’s situated on a quiet road with no street nights, car sounds, or close-by neighbors. The atmosphere is perfect for deep meditation and that’s why we chose it.