Meditation for Challenging Times

Understanding trauma, anxiety, and depression, through meditative Self-discovery

In the workshop we will explore what our yogic sages called karma. It is the causal basis for trauma, anxiety, and depression. To understand it is to break the chains of the multigenerational cycle. To ignore it or suppress it is to perpetuate it and live our lives through it, then pass it on to successive generations, thus perpetuating the cycle.

This program is designed to empower you to heal yourself providing immediately applicable tools and techniques to leave these debilitating impressions of past actions behind and move forward into the light of consciousness and confident self-awareness.

The workshop content is drawn from decades of research and clinical studies conducted on the subject of multigenerational trauma by Mark Wolynn, author of It Didn’t Start With You; Bessel van der Kolk, M.D., author of The Body Keeps the Score; and Stephen Porges, author of The Polyvagal Theory. Additional research and ongoing clinical studies on anxiety and depression based on the work of Herbert Benson, founder of Harvard’s Mind/Body Medical Institute

In addition to the above-mentioned research, I will share my decades of personal experience in overcoming these conditions through yoga and meditation.

The program will be interactive and practically applicable. It will include meditation instructions, meditation practice, presentations by Marc, and Q&A.

We hope you will join us for this paradigm changing program.

Sundays – October 25 and November 8

1:30 -3:45 pm EDT (USA – Daylight savings time ending on November 1)

Workshop Fee: $75

The Workshop is a virtual online program, for your safety and convenience.

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