Meditation Courses

Located in Gainesville, Florida

The Essence of Meditation Course – ( 3-week course)

This course is designed for the serious student of meditation. However, we will not leave anyone behind. Participants will understand through direct experience, the subtler aspects of the meditation process.

We will explore deeply the nuances of the Self or Atman, the mantra and breath as the primary vehicles and the nature and experience of the subtle energy field of the body. We will collaboratively discover how to apply this understanding in a comprehensive daily meditation practice and as well as out in the world in our daily activities. This course was designed with extended class time to be able to develop the collaborative experience of the practices. We will have extended meditation and questions and answer/ sharing sessions. We will make every effort to accommodate beginning students who are serious about developing a daily practice on the fast track.Marc Ketchel, meditation teacher and former monk, has been engaged in daily meditation practice since 1971. He has been teaching meditation since 1976 and has spent more than 20,000 hours in deep practice over 45 years.Saturdays, Feb 2, 9, & 16th, 2019; 1:30- 3:30 pm$135, Early Bird $108 before January 31st

Course Closed

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The Power of Mantra Meditation – ( 3-week course)

The art, science and tradition of mantra as a vital part of the practice of meditation.Mantra is the mystical connection with Spirit and is at the heart of all great spiritual traditions. It is the essence of pure consciousness. It is in fact, the embodiment of Pure Consciousness. It is both the means and the goal of deep spiritual work.Mantra is also a very accessible technique and a tool to calm the mind and establish a focused meditation. It is a very practical and useful device to enrich your daily life and meditation practice. Learn how to use it daily and experience the delicious fruit that it brings.This 3-week course will be a deep dive into the experiential nature of mantra, its significance and power and its proper use in daily meditation practice.You will discover the true nature of mantra, from Western science to traditional yoga and esoteric tantra. You will learn the significance of receiving an “enlivened” mantra, which is a catalyst for optimizing your meditation experience.Each class will include over an hour of meditation and practice of the subtle art of mantra repetition, which will dramatically enhance the quality and depth of your meditation.In honor of Mother’s Day (in the middle of the course), we will have a special focus and dedication to the Divine Mother and her connection to mantra and how to incorporate that understanding into your daily meditation practice.This course will be a powerful experience for all participants and is guaranteed to enrich your daily meditation practice.

Course Closed

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