Ep#16 Sally Kempton – World-Renowned Author, and Teacher of Devotional Contemplative Tantra.

Our guest today is Sally Kempton, a world-renowned author, and Teacher of what she calls Devotional Contemplative Tantra. A tradition based on the most authoritative Shaiva scriptures, deep devotional practices, and direct experience. Her teachings are based on the most esoteric direct transmission school of non-dual awareness known as Shaktipat. The veracity and authenticity of her teachings are rooted in the teachings and transmission she received from her Guru, Baba Muktananda, which she has skillfully developed and assimilated over the last 45 years. 

Sally Kempton

Her book, Meditation for the Love of It, is destined to be a spiritual classic of the 21st century as an authoritative meditation and deep contemplation manual for daily practice. She was for many years the editor of many of Muktananda’s most popular books, where she developed an Indian scriptural literacy and understanding of Muktananda’s teachings that are unprecedented among western spiritual teachers.

Our conversation is a casual and free-flowing sharing of heart space among three old friends. We cover the full spectrum of our long relationship which originated with and is still based on our deep connection to our Guru, who we affectionately refer to as Baba. Sally shares her early years meeting Baba and transitioning from a fully engaged successful career in journalism based in NYC, to focused practice and disciplined adherence to the direct transmission teachings of Muktananda and the Shaiva Tantras that is his enduring legacy. 

Our nuanced discussion covers a wide range of significant issues central to authentic spiritual practice. We discuss the Guru principle, Shaktipat, and direct transmission, non-dual awareness, the ancient Shaiva tantric scriptures and the teachings that are based on them, Goddess worship, which was the subject of her book, Awakening Shakti, and much more. 

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