Ep# 24 Leo Dale – Jazz Musician, Audio & Video Producer, World Traveler with a well-integrated awakened Kundalini.

Our guest today is Leo Dale and we’re your hosts Marc Ketchel and Larry Holmes.

Leo is an audio/video producer and a lifelong musician. Having traveled extensively particularly to India, he is just as comfortable on location anywhere in the world as in his studio in Melbourne Australia.

Our conversation today covers a lot of ground, beginning from his early upbringing in a large Irish Catholic family of musicians where he’s #7 of 8. He shares his dramatic Kundalini experiences and insights including many while visiting the Indian ashrams of Baba Muktananda and his successor, Swami Nityananda at Shanti Mandir in Magod, Gujarat.

His story is one of an effective integration of the dynamic Kundalini energy into a very productive and active worldly and family life. We think you will find it informative and uplifting.

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