Ep# 22 Crisis Times Reflections, Insights and Looking Forward with cohosts Marc Ketchel and Larry Holmes

Yes, the sounds of Nature, something many had never heard, before the almost global shutdown brought by the COVID 19 pandemic.

We’re your hosts, Marc Ketchel and Larry Holmes, and today we’d like to share our reflections, insights, and thoughts about what’s next and how to make the most of the current situation. This is a short conversation but one we hope will give you some perspective and add value to your life. What we discuss is how a simple shift in viewpoint can help each of us, in our own way, get the most of the current circumstances and make the process of going forward more fulfilling and rewarding.

Show Notes

Jane Goodall “COVID 19 has shown us that we are all connected…Many people feel helpless right now, but they must stay hopeful that they can influence one another through compassion and understanding.”

Jane Goodall and Her Chimps – 60 minutes

Episode #20 Joe Smith – The Transformative Power of Breath

Resources, Tips, and Solutions

Power of Gratitude – Gratitude uplifts (you and others), inspires others to act compassionately

Dalai Lama on Compassion – Time magazine article

6-week Positivity Program comprised of three interventions: gratitude, HeartMath’s Heart Lock-In, and yoga stretches with guided imagery.

Transformative Power of Selfless Service

In the process of spiritual awakening, the act of selfless service is one of the most mysteriously transformational acts we can do in this life. Here is a suggestion appropriate to the current circumstances and one I’m sure you will find at the very least hugely gratifying and potentially transformational at the deepest levels of growth.

Identify at least one frontline worker; healthcare worker, grocery store workers (often the lowest paid in your community). Find out what you can do to make their life easier or more enjoyable or in some way relieve the unimaginable stress and anxiety they live with day and night.

It might be contributing to meals for healthcare workers program or to their family in your community or nationally, make face masks for them (they don’t have the time to make them and they are not being supplied adequately in most cases). Reach out to one that you know and ask them what you can do to help them and tell them how much you appreciate what they are doing.

Importance of Food Banks and the Impact of Hunger

This is a huge opportunity to contribute in a very meaningful and impactful way. Everyone needs to eat at least once a day to be happy and whole. How many times did you eat today?

Here’s a startling fact from David Beasley, Executive Director of the UN World Food Program, 260 million people are on the brink of starvation right now globally, 300k per day will die today.

Focus globally is you have the resources or locally with these resources:

Feeding America Food Bank Network – 200 Food Banks across the USA.

Bread of the Mighty Food Bank – In our local food bank, $1 feeds 10 meals, which is a huge value for the $1. Not to mention the goodwill and karmic merit that accrues.

Importance of Social Distancing and Wearing Face Masks

Social distancing is the most effective way to ensure your health and that of others. Wearing a mask is the second most effective way. Use a homemade mask to cover your n95 mask (if you are lucky enough to have one) to extend its life and save those resources. If you have any doubt about this as a win-win strategy to protect yourself and others, read this very short article: https://mashable.com/article/coronavirus-study-80-percent-of-americans-wear-masks/?utm_campaign=FEED+BLAST-Mashable+Top+Stories+Daily-20200509T170000%2B0000&utm_source=newsletter?utm_content=feature_title

Here are some good how-to articles to help you get started for yourself and your family and friends:

How to Make a  CDC  Approved Cloth Face Mask

How to Make a DIY Face Mask for Coronavirus (Whether you sew or not)

COVID 19 Transmission Data Analysis Resources

These articles are well researched and informative. If you haven’t seen them, it would be worth your time to check them out. Reliable information goes a long way to changing fear (of the unknown) to understanding, clarity, and positive action.

New insights and data on social distancing – excellent article, 11-minute read.

If you aren’t convinced about the value of wearing a mask to protect yourself and others and halt the spread of the virus, read this short article, 2 minutes read.

CDC study and updated data.

From a yogic or spiritual perspective here are further educational resources and ways to address the circumstances, that will uplift and provide positive growth from the circumstances.

Shanti Mandir – Free study groups, (In Spanish and English) https://www.shantimandir.com/online-study-groups/

Shanti Mandir You Tube channels – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP1ytVFUtiHCT6Sa2zQIusQ

Initiatory Meditation Programs – https://www.shantimandir.com/meditation-intensives/

Online Yoga and Meditation Classes – Searchlight Yoga Studio https://www.searchlightyoga.com/ or https://www.searchlightyoga.com/events – where you will find Marc’s courses, workshops, and other online programs.

To directly contact our hosts, visit their respective websites:

https://www.meditatenow.net– Show Notes, Links, Courses, and Resources, including Glossary of Terms for all Episodes and to contact Marc directly. 

https://larryholmespracticalwisdom.com/ – For All Episodes and to contact Larry directly and review his consulting and coaching services.

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