Ep# 17 Kimberly Carson MPH, C-IAYT, E-RYT– Author, Nationally Recognized Chronic Pain Expert, Health Educator and Mindfulness Therapist.

Our guest today is Kimberly Carson, author, nationally recognized chronic pain expert, health educator, and Mindfulness therapist. Her research and program development with her husband, Jim Carson, PhD., at the prestigious Duke University Medical Center (Duke) and Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) are documented in their latest book, Relax into Yoga for Chronic Pain: An Eight-Week Mindful Yoga Workbook for Finding Relief and Resilience. Their Mindful Yoga intervention methods known as “Yoga of Awareness” developed by Kimberly and her husband Jim, has been shown in research trials to significantly reduce pain and fatigue in women with metastatic breast cancer, breast cancer survivors, as well as women with fibromyalgia.

Kimberly Carson

Kimberly and Jim’s work are unique from others in the field of pain management, because the methods and expertise they have developed over the last two decades are all backed by rigorous clinical trials. These extensive human trials have empirically proven to the yoga and scientific community alike the efficacy of their methods. 

Kimberly is currently serving on three large National Institutes of Health (NIH) clinical research trials evaluating yoga and mindfulness interventions in opioid-dependent chronic pain patients, metastatic breast cancer patients, and MS patients and is the co-author on 25 peer-reviewed articles. 

She is also the author of Relax into Yoga for Seniors: A Six-Week Program for Strength, Balance, Flexibility, and Pain Relief. She co-directs national yoga teacher training programs for yoga teachers and healthcare professionals focused on health challenges specific to aging as well as cancer and chronic pain at Duke’ Integrative Medicine Center and OHSU. Both of Kimberly’s books are available on Amazon.

In our conversation, Kimberly shares the genesis of her passion for relieving pain through mindfulness and yoga as a healing art and science, her deep insights gleaned from decades of in-depth clinical work and the daily practice which guides her highly engaged life as a wife, mother of twin teenagers, educator, researcher, and author. Her skillful mastery of the conscious flow of life and the total integration of all its elements will inspire you in your own daily journey. 

We hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did, and if you do, please share it with your friends. 

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