Blindside block Bills

The Buffalo Bills had everything in front of them, and then the refs came rearing their ugly heads. Then the NF6 fines him his whole game check for that same ridiculous penalty?

NFL owners voted to eliminate blindside blocks, which the league defines as a foul “if a player initiates a block when he is moving toward or parallel to … Shameful.Calling and then fining a ticky-tack hit like Ford’s, but not fining Clowney makes abundantly obvious that the NFL has lost the forest for the trees…is so far up in the language around these rules, and so invested in appearing to be consistent, that they have abandoned common sense.How about the refs giving the ball back to Houston after the Bills recovered the ball in the endzone when the Texans’ kick returner didn’t call for a fair catch or kneel the ball. Whenever Skip Bayless sides with Wentz and the Eagles on the Clowney hit…you know you’ve crossed the line!NFL is adopting the New England philosophy:When you got a bogus situation, instead of fixing it, just double down on it.Should have been the reverse. BUFFALO, N.Y. — A week after the Buffalo Bills season ended in Houston, a Bills player is being fined for unnecessary roughness. They won’t give up the ability to control outcomes!A fine?……should have been commended on a good block.Pretty much sums it up. That’s not one of them!Even Paul LoDuca, a former Major League catcher, questioned the call.That was awful call. (AP Photo/Eric Christian Smith).With 6:56 remaining in overtime and the score tied, 19-19, Bills quarterback Josh Allen ran for 4 yards and was pushed out of bounds at the Texans’ 38-yard line, which would have given kicker Stephen Hauschka a 55-yard field-goal attempt to win.But officials called an illegal block on lineman Cody Ford. Maybe the refs got money on the game??? In this game, said player blows tears a pec muscle. The league is a cold business, one in which the fans hardly ever side with the laborers.That’s not a picture of the block. One fan has organized a GoFundMe page to help pay for it.Buffalo Bills offensive tackle Cody Ford looks on as quarterback Josh Allen scrambles out of the pocket and away from Dallas Cowboys defensive end Christian Covington, right.Suspect in White House ricin incident arrested at Peace Bridge in Buffalo,Bills' fan starts GoFundMe to fly banner on Sunday for players and coaches.Heather’s Weather Whys: Why do storm clouds look so dark?Allen reaches career high in passing as Bills hold off Dolphins,Fans in the stands? It was a clean hit, period. The recovery for this is to be 6-8 months. Guy was looking right at him.Deshaun Watson threw a touchdown pass and ran for a score in regulation and then led the winning drive in overtime as the Texans added another comeback to Houston playoff history.Both teams had to punt on their first possessions of overtime. But now that the Bills have become a competitive team all on their own, perhaps the league should be doing all they can to help reward the Bills fan base for their unwavering support. Nobody cared about it during the game, Wentz played 6 more snaps before taking himself out, then everyone started replaying it. Job well done Mr Riveron. Even as a DL.So did former Giants lineman and current NFL analyst Shaun O’Hara.I’m sorry but that CAN’T BE a Penalty on Cody Ford for a Blindside Block!! Watch his hit’s tomorrow. So to sum it up, the player risked his following year 10 million salary to play in a playoff game for 28,000 bucks. Makes no sense.The officiating in the NFL has become a complete joke. Penalty on Ford was absurd as was the no penalty on Clowney. I don’t recall any fines for blind side blocks this season.Perfect examples of you can’t tell what’s a penalty anymore. It looks like it has happened again this week, twice.The first example came from the decision of the league office,The second example comes from the decision of the league office to.So, quite possibly, the controversial non-call didn’t draw a fine in order to bolster the perceived accuracy of the non-call, and the controversial call drew a fine in order to bolster the perceived accuracy of the call.What a joke. Ridiculous.What about the real blink side block at the goal line in the same game that allowed the Houston QB to score the touchdown…oh right no penalty was needs a sky judge.Cue the Three Stooges theme ( also known as Three Blind Mice ) for the blind zebras!They just can’t stop making folks of themselves, which makes fans dunces. I’m sure he wouldn’t have been graded very high by PFF for that effort but … you just can’t figure the zebras out anymore. What the hell is going on here!! The NFL will eventually turn into the NBA.Stop whining about Clowney. In slow motion any hit can look like attempted murder. The penalty knocked the Bills out of field goal range in overtime when a field goal would have won the game. It was a clean hit, period. The league is a cold business, one in which the fans hardly ever side with the laborers.Enough!

Next year is another year, but it still sucks to have a bad call have such an impact in OT.This is absurd. Ford got called for blocking no. NFL make it right.

Got away with a facemask by nearly ripping Foles head off too. Who ok’ed the fine? His team de ides its best to cut him since they don’t think he will be worth the last non guaranteed 10 million and said player has to go on the market before the following season with a lengthy rehab ahead of him.

That fine is a real joke. That call likely altered the game. Posters that say this is a clean is plain ignorance.If it wasn’t the refs getting fined I don’t won’t to hear about it.The evidence is clear. Karma?Clowney deserved a fine because it’s PC to say so.Ford deserved the fine because his name is symbolic with the automobile, the biggest threat to our planet and all life on it.Fining Ford is just pouring salt in the wound.Why don’t we start fining refs for terrible calls? Ian Rapoport from … Clowney fined, Ford no fine.

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